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Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body. It is beneficial as a stand-alone session and continues to facilitate healing or maintain health/relaxation over a series of sessions. Reiki healing also pairs well with other services. For more information about reiki check out our blog post.

60 min Reiki Session - Sliding Scale $50 - $85

30 min Reiki Session - Sliding Scale $25 - $50


We currently offer Reiki I & II classes/attunements. The Reiki I course promotes self-healing between sessions. Reiki I practitioners are also able to facilitate healing for loved ones. The Reiki II course prepares students for working with clients and has an emphasis on ethics, business practices and incorporating other modalities.

Classes are $250 for individuals and $200 per person for groups. Partial scholarships are available for all self-identified LGBTQ+/BIPOC students. Please email Jess for more info:


Imbalances within the body (and energy centers) manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual illness. Herbal medicine can both facilitate and maintain balance.

Mending Roots Herbal Medicine Consultations involve an in depth assessment of the client’s past and present to establish personalized health goals and to connect with beneficial plant allies. These herbal recommendations, along with nutritional and lifestyle suggestions, will empower the client to reach their ideal state of balance. Herbal protocols are tailored to fit the lifestyle of the individual and encourage the body’s natural ability to heal.

Initial Consultation

During your first appointment we will set personal intentions, go through daily routines and review past - major life events and evolution of imbalances. We will create an individualized protocol, which may involve herbs, nutrition and/or lifestyle recommendations.

Cost - Sliding Scale $45 - $80

Follow Up Consultations

During these appointments, we will assess progress, address new issues, re-evaluate goals and alter protocols as needed.

Cost - Sliding Scale $15 - $40

Mending Roots Reiki and Herbal is dedicated to facilitating accessibility to healing services. Payments for all services are available on a sliding scale. If these prices are beyond your means, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email ( to determine a personalized rate. For those who are able, please pay toward the higher end to help support those with less access to funds.